Interior Painting Service Preparation Services in Wylie, TX

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Masking (9” paper, Plastic, Drop cloths)

  • We remove wall plates, window treatments and move furniture
  • Cover flooring, furniture and decor
  • Wrap ceiling fans and light fixtures (when painting ceilings)
  • Mask windows if spraying in the room
  • Special 3M tapes used for masking wood floors and wallpaper

Interior Painting Service in Wylie, TX

Scraping and Sanding

  • Remove loose paint on trim by scraping
  • Light sanding on enamel trim and doors to enhance bond and finish
  • Wipe down with solvents to prepare surface

Repairing Drywall & Texture (As quoted on estimate)

  • Spackle and putty (For nail holes and other imperfections)
  • Tape, bed and texture (For settling and foundation cracks)
  • Drywall replacement (Water stains, mold, cracks, holes and other damage)
  • We're good at matching just about any texture

Priming (The right primer for the right application)

  • Oil-based KILZ primer for repairs, mold, mildew, water and other stains
  • Oil-based KILZ primer for stained cabinets and paneling to be painted
  • Latex primer for wall color changes

Caulking (Interior touch-up caulking is as needed)

  • Caulk the separated joints and seams in the trim and around the windows
  • Premium 50+ Year Elastomeric Acrylic Latex Sealant Application

Painting (Premium paints - Factory strength)

  • Premium latex and oil based paints used - Your choice of all major brands
  • Your choice of paint sheens - See our tips on sheen selection
  • Combination of spraying, brushing and rolling on most interiors
  • Complete Clean-up and Walk Through

Remove all trash and pre-inspect the work for quality

  • Formal walk through inspection with customer - Satisfaction Guaranteed!!
  • Label and leave all leftover paint for touchups